Scalar with a static classical source are not trivial after all

5 czerwca 2024 roku o godzinie 13:15 w sali 143 odbędzie się seminarium Instytutu Fizyki, na którym
Dr Leonardo Tinti z Instytutu Fizyki Uniwersytetu Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
wygłosi referat pt.: „Scalar with a static classical source are not trivial after all”.

We tackled the old problem of an uncharged scalar field interacting
with a classical source. Contrary to the highly held expectations, the
interaction does not become trivial in the case of a static source. In
fact one can solve exactly the Shwinger-like vacuum decay, showing a
non-exponential decay of the survival probability, a particle
production rate that is not constant (despite the time-independent
Hamiltonian), and a shape dependence of the results in the large
volume limits.
The usual assumptions over the vacuum decay, large volume limits, and
recovery of the full theory, if the interaction is switched off only
in the asymptotically long times (past and future), are demonstrably
wrong in this exactly solvable case.

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