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Institute of Physics, Świętokrzyska Academy
Świętokrzyska 15 St.
25-406 Kielce

Kielce is a historic city and a capital of Swietokrzyskie Province. It is located 180 km south of Warsaw and 120 km north-east of Cracow (see the map below).

Map of Poland


A number of flights connect Cracow and Warsaw airports to many international destinations. If you arrive to Cracow by plane, you can get to Main Railway Station by taxi (approximate price 15 euro) or by buses 192 or 208. Connection between the Warsaw airport and the central railway station is provided by regular city buses #175. Alternatively you can take Marriot Hotel shuttle service (more expensive, approximately 10-12 euro). The shuttle stop is at the exit from the arrival hall on the left side (follow the signs). Get off at the Marriot Hotel which is just opposite to the warsaw railway station Warszawa Centralna.

You can decide to come to Kielce by train from Warsaw or Cracow (please check the Polish Railway timetable at PKP timetable.)

If you come to Kielce by train, take a taxi to Akademia Swietokrzyska near to Hotel Kongresowy (old name Hotel Exbud). The Institute of Physics is located just behind Hotel Kongresowy (10 floor dark building) which is very good reference point in Kielce. The taxi cars are just in front of the station building. The price is about 3 euros (about 12 polish zlotys). We do not recommend the public transport, which is actually quite good, if you do not know the city. The taxi drivers usually do not speak English but they will understand `Hotel Kongresowy' or `Hotel Exbud' as it was previously called.

Map of Kielce


If you come to Kielce by car, take (both from Warsaw and from Cracow) the international road E73. Institute of Physics are located just near the road leading out of Kielce in the direction to Warsaw. If you come from Cracow, enter the town and then follow the signs `Warszawa' (Warsaw). The way to Hotel Kongresowy is quite simple. You need to turn only twice: at first to the right (from Krakowska street to Seminaryjska), next to the left (from Seminaryjska to Zrodlowa).