Electronic journals

We offer full access to the following electronic journals (only from the Institue of Physics LAN):

Journals of the American Institute of Physics (AIP):

Applied Physics Letters http://apl.aip.org
Chaos http://chaos.aip.org
J. of Applied Physics http://jap.aip.org
J. of Chemical Physics http://jcp.aip.org
J. of Mathematical Physics http://jmp.aip.org
Physics of Fluids http://pof.aip.org
Physics of Plasmas http://pop.aip.org
Review of Scientific Instruments http://rsi.aip.org

Journals of the American Physical Society (APS):

Physical Review A http://pra.aps.org
Physical Review B http://prb.aps.org
Physical Review C http://prc.aps.org
Physical Review D http://prd.aps.org
Physical Review E http://pre.aps.org
Physical Review Letters http://prl.aps.org
Reviews of Modern Physics http://rmp.aps.org

PROLA http://prola.aps.org/ - full-text versions of archival American Physical Society papers:
Physical Review Letters (since 1958)
Physical Review Series I (1893 - 1912)
Physical Review Series II (1913 - 1969)
Physical Review Series III ABCD (since 1970)
Physical Review Series III E (since 1990)
Reviews of Modern Physics (since 1929)
Physical Review Special Topics (since 1998)

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