Division of Theoretical Physics

Division web page: http://www.ujk.kielce.pl/ifiz/zft/


The researches conducted in the Division concern the following areas:

  1. Nuclear collisions at high-energies and physics of the quark-gluon plasma.
    The maim goal of these studies is to formulate a theoretical description of the collisions which allows one to deduce the early characteristics of the collisions, when the system is hot and dense, from the experimentally available final state characteristics.
  2. Quantum field theory, in particular the statistical field theory and the so-called non-perturbative methods.
    The studies are focused on the equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems of quantum fields governed by Quantum Chromodynamics.
  3. Transport phenomena in the membrane systems, in particular those of anomalous diffusion.
    The main goal of these studies is to look for satisfactory mathematical models of the phenomena.